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Breakfast Buffet - Corporate Menu

The Market Buffet


scrambled eggs topped with cheese and scallions;
seasoned diced breakfast potatoes, sausage, bacon and fresh fruit salad
(Minimum order of 12.)

Breakfast Sides:Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy +$5Cream Cheese Blintz +$8Smothered Cinnamon Twist +$6Energy Bar +$3.50Fresh Bagels & Cream Cheese +$3Fresh Muffins, Tea Breads, & Danishes +$4Fresh Fruit Salad or Display +$4Hard Boiled Eggs +$2Individual Yogurt Parfait +$7.50Deviled Eggs +$2.50
Hot Classic Breakfast:Bacon +$4Breakfast Potatoes +$2.50Sausage +$3Scrambled Eggs +$4Scrambled Egg Whites +$4.50
Beverages:Coffee Service +$2.25Hot Tea Service +$2.25Bottled Juice +$4Bottled Water +$2Fruit Infused Water (min 32 servings) +$48Bottled Pure Leaf Tea +$3Decanted Tea (min 16 servings) +$24Bottled Lemonade +$3Decanted Lemonade (min 16 servings) +$24Canned Soda +$1.50

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