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Chicken Milanese


pano crusted chicken breast | butter | lemon
(Minimum order of 12, you may split between two different entrees.)

Salads:Caesar +$3Garden Chopped Vegetable +$3.50 Chopped Cobb +$3.50Mediterranean +$3Spinach & Berries +$3.50Tossed Green +$3
Sides:Grilled Asparagus +$3.50Grilled Broccolini +$3Green Beans +$3Maple Butter Carrots +$3Ratatouille +$5Roasted Brussel Sprouts +$3Roasted Seasonal Vegetables +$3
Starch Sides:Cauliflower Quinoa Rice +$3Crispy Fingerling Potatoes +$3House Smashed Potatoes +$2Wild and Long Grain Rice +$2Cauliflower Mash +$3
Dessert:Assorted Cookies +$2Coconut Macaroons +$2Ghirardelli Brownies +$1Lemon Bars +$2Rice Krispy Treats +$1Mini Cupcakes +$2.50
Beverages:Coffee Service +$2.95Hot Tea Service +$2.95Bottled Juice +$4Bottled Water +$1.50Fruit Infused Water (min 32 servings) +$48Bottled Pure Leaf Tea +$3Decanted Tea (min 16 servings) +$24Bottled Lemonade +$3Decanted Lemonade (min 16 servings) +$24Canned Soda +$1.50

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