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Breakfast Buffet - Corporate Menu

Breakfast Burrito Buffet


premade burritos filled with eggs, potatoes, green chili, and cheese. 
choice of bacon or sausage. 
served with hot green chili, sour cream, and shredded cheese for topping, and fruit salad.
(Minimum order of 12.)

Protein:Bacon Sausage Vegetarian
Breakfast Sides:Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy +$5Cream Cheese Blintz +$8Smothered Cinnamon Twist +$6Energy Bar +$3.50Fresh Bagels & Cream Cheese +$3Fresh Muffins, Tea Breads, & Danishes +$4Fresh Fruit Salad or Display +$4Hard Boiled Eggs +$2Individual Yogurt Parfait +$7.50Deviled Eggs +$2.50
Hot Classic Breakfast:Bacon +$4Breakfast Potatoes +$2.50Sausage +$3Scrambled Eggs +$4Scrambled Egg Whites +$4.50
Beverages:Coffee Service +$2.25Hot Tea Service +$2.25Bottled Juice +$4Bottled Water +$2Fruit Infused Water (min 32 servings) +$48Bottled Pure Leaf Tea +$3Decanted Tea (min 16 servings) +$24Bottled Lemonade +$3Decanted Lemonade (min 16 servings) +$24Canned Soda +$1.50

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