Shrimp or White Fish marinated in citrus with Avocado
Jalapeno, Onion & Tomato
Served in individual shot glasses

Gazpacho Shooter

Fresh Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, fresh Dill, Garlic pressed
fresh Tomato Juice & Balsamic topped with 
Crisp Celery, Bell Pepper & Lime Juice

Seared Tuxedo Ahi Tuna

Black & White Sesame Seed crusted Ahi Tuna
with pickled Ginger, Wasabi & Soy on a Wonton Crisp


Traditional or with a twist:
Classic Cocktail
Blackened with Remoulade
Margarita style glazed with Tequila Lime & Avocado Aioli

Smoked Salmon Crisp

Encore smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese
Lemon Pepper & Dill, served on a Gluten Free Crisp

Caprese Skewer

Grape Tomatoes, Buffalo Milk Mozzarella Pearls
Garden fresh Basil & drizzled
with Balsamic reduction

Grilled Squash Ribbons

Grilled Zucchini & Summer Squash ribbons skewered with
Prosciutto & Mint dressing

California Bite

Cucumber Cup filled with Sushi Rice
Crab Salad with a touch of Wasabi